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OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in

OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in (14054)
OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in (14054)
OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in (14054)
OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in (14054)
OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in (14054)
OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in (14054)

OPTICON EE-750R 7.5-in

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767,50 inkl. moms

Electronic Shelf Labels, also known by the acronym ESL, is a system mainly used by retailers for displaying product pricing on the shelves. The fully graphical display is remotely updated using a RF based communication network. Automated ESL systems enables you to run a more efficient business. The Opticon ESL server software enables pricing accuracy as it allows you to update the prices more frequently.

The EE-750R is applicable in retail, the pharmaceutial and medical industry, and logistics. Any industry that wants to replace the archaic paper labels with digital labels. This is the perfect solution when your aim is to run an efficient business.

How we describe the EE-750R
The EE-750R is the largest e-paper label sold by Opticon. With its black, white and red colors it grabs the attention, and adds a bright and clear overview to your business. The EE-750R is a high resolution fully graphical e-paper display. Thanks to the high contrast of the display it is even possible to read barcodes off the display using a normal barcode laser scanner. Since the display only consumes power during radio transmission, as the display updates. Therefore Opticon guarantees a strong longevity on only four small batteries.
Opticon designed customized brackets to fit shelf solutions provided by our partners HL, Meto and Oechsle.

Use the barcode display feature and the bidirectional communication to update the price information of specific products. You can use an Opticon scanning device and scan the barcode on the ESL label and update the price information on the scanning device. Then you send the updated price information to the server using the wireless communication technology of the scanning device.

- Large high resolution display
- Colored; red, black and white
- Remote controlled
- Long lasting battery
- More space to add any content you want
- Extra attention at the shelf

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